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Zen offers a discreet C02 cannabis oil option for a clean, safe vaping experience. Zen Medical produces a full spectrum cannabis extracts high in terpenes and flavonoids providing you the ultimate flavour and effect.

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Zen Tanks – C02 Cannabis Oil Refill Cartridges


Mix and match your favorite Zen Medical refill vape pen cartridges. All cartridges are made from 100% C02 cannabis oil or CBD oil.

Zen Kits – C02 Cannabis Oil Cartridge & Battery


A state-of-the-art power supply paired with your choice of Zen Medical cannabis oil cartridge. No buttons, just inhale. You will know it’s working.

Zen Grams – C02 Cannabis Honey Oil


CO2 Honey Oil is a type of extract created without chemical solvents. Instead, carbon dioxide is compressed at high pressure until it becomes “supercritical fluid,” which then strips the essential oils of the cannabis plant. Safer and purer than traditional extraction methods.

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Zen Medical Premium Products

Zen Medical is a leading producer of cannabis extracts for Canadians. Specializing in solvent-less extracts, their state of the art technology and proprietary formulas produce high quality cannabis extracts that provide the ultimate flavour and effect without any harmful chemicals like butane. Zen Medical uses only the highest quality ingredients, including flowers grown in British Columbia, the center of the Canadian cannabis community.