Mighty Dabber Wax Pen


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A State of the Art Vape Pen

If you want the best vaporizing experience, use Mighty Dabber. This vape pen is the best for your viscous products, wax and concentrates. The design of this pen is slim and elegant. Mighty Dabber is made to offer the best vaporizing experience which comes with simplicity, style and durability. This product is the replacement or in other words we can y that it has occupied all the market values so that people can easily vape. It has been manufactured with a ceramic dual coil with ceramic rod instead of the old-fashioned wick coil.

The leading vaporizer that is now better by any measure at very affordable price

Mighty Dabber comes along with a kit which has all the essential parts which you require. The list includes:

  • Micro USB battery
  • Mouth-piece
  • A dual ceramic coil with a ceramic rod
  • A telescopic USB charger
  • Silicon ampoule
  • Standard dabbing tool
  • Owner’s guide