Chocolope Zen Tanks (THC) 0.5g


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Product Description

Cannabis oil vaporizer powered by C02 (pre-filled vaporizer cartridge only)

  • Net Weight: 500mg
  • 350mg THC
  • Solvent Free

An absolute cannabis extract whereby supercrticial carbon dioxide fluid is used as an alternative to traditional solvent extraction. Free from residual solvents, contaminants or atifacts. CO2 is clean, safe, non-toxic- no flammable, environmentally friendly and non polluting. Produces a cannabis extract high in terpenoid and flavonoid and provides a reduced side effect profile for the psychoactivity of THC.

Strain Description

Also referred to as D-Line, this delicious sativa strain is famous for providing a dynamic energy boost and sense of well-being. DNA Genetics crossed Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze, creating a strain that is fruity and earthy with hints of cocoa and coffee. Featured in 2007 on the cover of High Times magazine as ‘Strain of the Year’, it’s uplifting motivating and energizing effects make this strain great for treating stress, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders or PTSD.