Alien Kush Rosin – 1g


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This indica-dominant hybrid was bred by crossing LVPK (Las Vegas Purple Kush) with Alien Dawg, to create a well-balanced indica with powerful sativa cerebral effects at the onset. Effects are uplifting and euphoric before settling into a deeply relaxing full body release. Known for its pleasant piney herbal scent and earthy flavor that is spicy and similar to tea. Ideal for those seeking to ease muscle spasm, sooth pain, nausea or headaches and conquer stress, depression or other mood disorders.

Rosin is a solvent free product extracted via heat and pressure.

This is a potent and compact terpene rich product  accounts for beautiful aroma and flavor as the original cannabis flower.

Serving Size: 0.5g

THC: Estimated 700mg to 800mg per serving