Pink Rockstar Zen Tanks (THC) 0.5g



Product Description

Cannabis oil vaporizer powered by C02 (pre-filled vaporizer cartridge only)

  • Net Weight: 500mg
  • 350mg THC
  • Solvent Free

An absolute cannabis extract whereby supercrticial carbon dioxide fluid is used as an alternative to traditional solvent extraction. Free from residual solvents, contaminants or atifacts. CO2 is clean, safe, non-toxic- no flammable, environmentally friendly and non polluting. Produces a cannabis extract high in terpenoid and flavonoid and provides a reduced side effect profile for the psychoactivity of THC.

Strain Description

The potency of the Pink Rockstar strain could be considered overpowering, and even small doses is known to remove insomnia, pain, and appetite loss. The Pink Rockstar high is characterized by solid-hitting results powered by moderate THC levels minus the sedation that usually comes with an Indica parent. As this powerful head-high develops, you’ll gradually feel a body buzz creep over you that leaves you completely relaxed in every individual muscle, causing you to be helplessly locked to the sofa and in a state of pure bliss. Due to these potent effects, Pink Rockstar is reported to be perfect for managing inflammation, muscle spasms or tremors, chronic pain, and mild to moderate cases of depression. This strain comes with an aroma of fruity earth with a hint of spiced mulled wine and a pungent skunky exhale. Rockstar nugs have medium-sized irregular and dense olive green spade-designed buds with rich pink undertones, hot orange hairs, and chilled trichome covered purple leaves.