Silver Haze


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Bred by Sensi Seeds, this sativa strain crosses Northern Lights with Haze to create an uplifting and energizing strain perfect for those looking for creative inspiration or to combat depression, stress and anxiety. Also known to be effective treating pain, nausea and appetite loss, Silver Haze received its name from the generous frosty covered buds, which take on a silver hue.

1 review for Silver Haze

  1. 5 out of 5

    I really liked this silver haze I think it’s one of the best I tried the buds are dense and smell phenomenal, they also taste amazing strong terps and heavy thick smoke very rare for a sativa but it kinda felt like the Red Congolese

    5/5 you can’t go wrong with this strain great for the day time but I warn you it does hit your head slightly so be careful not to over medicate if you Wake N’ Bake with this

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